BOOK: The Spanish American Roots of William Carlos Williams


“Our gratitude will surely extend into the future beyond this magnificent book, which inspires us to discover that other canonical writers may also have refreshed American English by being haunted, and nourished, by other languages.” –Doris Sommer, Harvard University

“I have been waiting for some time for a study of Williams̓  Latin American roots, and this book fills that bill…, a significant addition to the Williams Canon.” —Paul Mariani, author of William Carlos Williams: A New World Naked

“Such is Julio Marzán̓s knowledge of poets and poems that… his book can be easily imagined as a seminar sequence on William Carlos Williams̓ work.., as well as a workshop on poetic practice itself.”
—Eduardo González, Johns Hopkins University

“I, for one, would like to see the… biography of a truly bicultural Williams written by someone so sensitive to the hearts of words (in two languages) as Marzán.
Susan M. Schultz, University of Hawaii

“…exceeds discovery; his work is original: new by going back to origins….”
–Ronald Christ, author of The Narrow Act: Borges’ Art of Allusion

.“ important avenue of identity for other… Hispanic writers…whose writings attempt to mediate between the two cultures.”
William Luis, Vanderbilt University

“…Marzán raises some serious questions about how ‘ethnic̓  literature shapes the modern canon.”
T. Hughes Crawford, Virginia Military Institute

“What was not explored in any depth until Julio Marzán’s groundbreaking study The Spanish American Roots of William Carlos Williams is the profoundly Latin American origin of Williams’s poetry,…”– from the Prologue, The Latino Reader: From 1542 to the Present (1997), Eds. Harold Augenbraum and Margarite Fernández Olmos

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