BOOK: Inventing a Word: Twentieth-Century Puerto Rican Poetry

      Published by Columbia University Press
 in association with the Center for Inter-American Relations, 1980

     Edited and translations by Julio Marzán.  Presents original poems and their English translations of twenty-three modern-day  Puerto Rican poets, including, Luis Palés Matos and Julia de Burgos.

Inventing a Word is a brilliant title for any book concerned with the phenomenon of Latin American writing. It sums up the writer̓s central problem: that of defining his continent, in order to be able to come to terms with it… This bilingual, well-laid out and printed volume, … contains some outstanding poems and a lot of good ones. None of them is without interest, and the whole volume is one we would do well to read and digest.”
–James Reid Baxter, Cencrastus (Scotland)

“Especially good are the poems by Juan Antonio Corretjer, Hjalmar Flax, Juan Sáez Burgos, Pedro Juan Pietri, and Marzán himself.” –Alicia B. Edwards, América

“En resumen, la presente antología es excelente… –Helen Calaf de Agüera, Hispamérica

“[Marzán] has to be commended for having prepared an anthology that is both scholarly in its comprehensive selection and searching in its inclusion of new voices Yet his major contribution is the smooth and inspired translations that accompany the poems.” –Lorraine Elena Ben-Ur, Canadian Modern Language Review

“Esta muestra de poesía puertorriqueña presenta un retrato fiel y claro de nuestra sociedad … Decimos, por ello, retrato de una sociedad, en toda su complejidad.” –Efraín Barradas, Revista Chicana-Riqueña

“In any event the book should not be missed, because it possesses two major virtues: it illustrates the high quality often being achieved in today̓s Puerto Rican poetry and offers quite simply, enjoyable reading.”
–William L. Siemens, Center for Latin American Studies


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