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As poet Julio Marzán has published two books of poetry, one in English, Translations without Originals (I. Reed Books) and one in Spanish Puerta de Tierra  (U. of  Puerto Rico Press). Two books of his translations of poetry are Selected Poems: Luis Palés Matos (Arte Público Press, 2001) and  Inventing a Word: Twentieth-Century Puerto Rican Poetry (Columbia University Press, 1980).

In response to the present poetry climate, he has not yet sought the publication of two more completed books of poems, Foreign Heart and Teaching Humanities to the Dead, from which many have been published in numerous journals– among them, Parnassus: Poetry in Review, Massachusetts Review, Ploughshares, Tin House, New Letters, and Harper’s Magazine.

Both previously published and newer poems have been selections in the  the following anthologies:

Signet Book of American Humor, ed. Gina Barreca, Signet Books
El Coro: A Chorus of Latino and Latina Poetry, Univ. of Massachusetts Press, 1997,
Winged Spirits: 24 American Poets, ed. by F.D. Reeve, Bayeux Arts, Calgary, 1995,
Paper Dance: An Anthology of Latino Poetry, Persea Books, 1995)
For David Ignatow (Anthology commemorating the 80th Birthday), Wesleyan Univ. Pr., 1993
An Ear to the Ground: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, University of Georgia Press, 1989
Hispanics in the United States: An Anthology of Creative Literature, Bilingual Press, 1980

His poems have also been reprinted in the following college texts:

The Bedford Introduction to Literature, edited by Michael Meyer (editions 4-9, 2011)
The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature 
(editions 4-9, Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011)
Literature to Go, edited by Michael Meyer
(first edition, Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011)
Literature: Reading to Write,
edited by Elizabeth Howell (Prentice-Hall, 2010)
Latino Boom: An Anthology of Latino Literature
(Longman/Pearson, 2006)
Thinking and Writing about Literature: A Text and Anthology
, edited by Michael Meyer (editions 1-2, Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2000)
The Bedford Introduction to Poetry
, edited by Michael Meyer(editions, 3-6, Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1999)
The Floating Borderlands : Twenty-Five years of U.S. Hispanic Literature
, edited by Lauro Flores (Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1998)
US: The Literature of a Multicultural Society
, edited by Alfred Prettyman (McGraw-Hill, 1998)
Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing
(Holt, Rinehart, 1991)

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